Power supply product

Power supply product

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UPS power system

1. Advanced DSP digital control technology, active power factor correction circuit design, improve UPS input power factor, reduce input harmonic current; 2. Adopt input, output, DC three electrical isolation design, each power system does not interfere with each other, strong overload capacity, ensure UPS power supply and load safety; 3. With input and output over and under voltage protection, input surge protection, inverter bridge busbar over current protection, output overload and short circuit protection, over temperature protection, support for hot swap and other protection functions and alarm mechanism;


Power supply product

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Product description



Voltage class


Input power factor

Three-phase input 0.9, single-phase input 0.7

Switching time of DC power supply


Switching bypass power supply time

4 ms or less

Output voltage distortion degree

3% or less

Output voltage


Output frequency

50 + / - 0.2 Hz

Output power factor

0.8 or less

Machine efficiency

DC power supply, above 5KVA 85%, 5KVA and below 80%

Communication interface

AC power supply, 5KVA above 80%, 5KVA and below 75%

Communication protocol

RS485, RS232, or Ethernet

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

103, MODBUS, IEC61850

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