Power supply product

Power supply product

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Dc power system

1. Adopt high performance processor, 7 inch full color touch screen operation, human-machine interaction friendly, can real-time monitoring system working status, diagnosis and display system fault location, data including high precision GPS time scale, convenient fault tracing and processing; 2. Green all-digital power module, high frequency soft switching technology, with high efficiency, high power factor, low harmonic characteristics; 3. Intelligent battery management, real-time monitoring of battery voltage, temperature, internal resistance and other states, timely detection of backward batteries; 4. Highly integrated, monitoring system embedded IEC61850 communication unit, no additional protocol converter, stable and reliable performance; 5. Modular standardized design, power module and data acquisition unit, using guide rail installation, maintenance and replacement is simple and fast.


Power supply product

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Product description

Battery management

① The whole group of voltage, current, temperature,

② Single voltage, single battery internal resistance, temperature, on-line activation,

③ 108 batteries can be monitored

Insulation monitoring

① Bus insulation, branch insulation,

Ear-scale grounding, AC tampering, ring detection,

③ 192 feeder branches can be monitored

Fault recording

(1) Record battery voltage, battery current,

② Closing bus voltage, control bus voltage, negative bus voltage to earth,

③ The output voltage of the charger




Voltage class


Voltage stabilization accuracy

Plus or minus 0.39% or less

Steady flow accuracy

Plus or minus 0.34% or less

Ripple coefficient

0.12% or less

Current unbalance degree

Plus or minus 1.5% or less

Power factor

0.96 or higher

System efficiency

93.7 %

Communication interface

RS485, RS232, Ethernet

Communication protocol

103, MODBUS, IEC61850

Dimensions (height x width x depth)



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