Products and services

Products and services

Grid level quality assurance · Multiple development capabilities · Comprehensive solutions

Grid friendly


System security


Flexible deployment


Intelligent operation and maintenance

107 +

Landing project

200 MW

Installed power

400 MWh

Installed capacity

Service and support

Technical support

Pre-sale support
As an equipment and solution provider, we will be committed to providing you with complete service solutions covering the whole life cycle of equipment, including technical parameter consultation, updating and upgrading, system solution customization, equipment quotation and bidding, etc., to protect your production and operation.


Order support
Provide order processing support to contracted customers and logistics and business information consultation to all customers, including price, inventory, delivery date, invoice inquiry, etc.


Technical support
Provide a full range of product support services, including product selection and replacement, troubleshooting, simple application problems and installation problems, and provide customers with FAQ answers.


Complaint and suggestion
Zhuhai Watt has always attached great importance to customer complaints, set up a professional team to deal with customer complaints, record and track the whole process of complaint handling, to ensure that every customer complaint is completely solved.

After-sales service

On-site support service
On-site service means that engineers arrive at the customer site to provide installation guidance, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical upgrade.


Return to factory for repair service
Return service refers to the customer sends the faulty device to the designated maintenance center for repair in the way of "door to door". Compared with the on-site service, the cost of return repair service is lower.


Internal maintenance service
The warranty maintenance service refers to the part of the device that fails during the warranty period. We will professionally maintain the device with good function for you.


Spare parts sales service
We have a number of product spare parts in the country, can provide you with mainstream products at any time. By choosing fast and professional logistics transportation, we can maximize the accuracy and speed of spare parts delivery to customers.

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