Power supply product

Power supply product

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Dc power system of distribution network

1. It adopts the integrated design idea and is composed of distribution box (monitoring module, high-frequency switch rectifier module, voltage drop module) and battery box. It can be electrically pluggable, with simple structure and easy maintenance. 2. Monitoring module adopts LCD Chinese display, Chinese menu, key operation, human-computer interaction friendly, with intelligent battery management, sound and light alarm, bus insulation and flash output functions. 3. High-frequency switch rectifier module adopts power factor compensation and high-frequency soft switching technology, self-cooling heat dissipation, small size, high efficiency, high power factor. It has perfect protection function, including AC input over voltage and under voltage, over temperature, over current and output short circuit protection.


Power supply product

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Product description



Voltage class


Voltage stabilization accuracy

Plus or minus 0.5%

Steady flow accuracy

Plus or minus 1.0%

Ripple coefficient

0.5% or less

Current unbalance degree

1.33% or less

System efficiency

94% or higher

Communication interface

RS485, RS232, or Ethernet

Communication protocol

MODBUS, 101, 104

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

110V:2260x800x600 48V: 200x397x300(box) 1600x600x600(cabinet) 1000x600x250 (cabinet)

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