Power supply product

Power supply product

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Capacity: 30kW/100kWh Size: 1350*1100*2200mm Installation: ground installation, covering an area of less than 2㎡ Battery: lithium iron phosphate

  • Product model: WT-ESS-100kW/200kWh
  • Rated energy: 200kWh
  • Rated power: 100kW
  • Rated voltage: 380V
  • Rated current: 158A
  • Total harmonic distortion rate of power network: ≤3% full load
  • Maximum conversion efficiency: 97%
  • Overload capacity: 110%1min
  • Cooling system: liquid cooling/air cooling
  • Working environment temperature: -20~50℃
  • Protection level: IP54 (outdoor)
  • Width * Depth * Height: 2000*1100*2200mm
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    Longpack series

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    Rated energy 100kWh

    Rated power 30kW

    The rated voltage is 400V

    Rated current 43A

    Power grid type 3L+N+PE

    Total harmonic distortion rate of power network ≤3% full load

    The maximum conversion efficiency is 96%

    Overload capacity 110% long term

    Rated frequency 50Hz

    Cooling system Industrial grade air conditioning/forced air cooling

    Fire protection system HFC-propane gas fire protection

    Cell cycle life 6000 @ 25,0.5 CP / 0.5 CP

    Noise ≤60dB

    Working environment temperature -20~50℃

    Protection class IP54 (Outdoor)

    Wide * * 1350 * 1100 * 2200 mm high

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