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Policy support and application scenarios of distributed mobile energy storage

Release time: 2023-03-02 14:09:14.267

In recent years, with a large number of distributed photovoltaics connected to the distribution network, the instability of its output has brought new problems to the planning and operation of the distribution network. Moreover, the construction of urban and rural power grid lags behind. Under the circumstance of increasing demand for electricity, the stability of power distribution network problems cause the users to be unable to use power normally. In view of the current situation, the state put forward distributed mobile energy storage solutions. Since July last year, clear policy support has been put forward to encourage the construction of distributed mobile energy storage, whether at the national level or at the provincial level.



At present, the application scenarios of distributed energy storage mainly revolve around the distribution network, including the distribution network access point of distributed photovoltaic centralized access, and the distribution network system of large industrial and commercial enterprise users. At the same time in the user's important load protection power supply, as well as electric vehicle charging network applications. Watt mobile energy storage system is widely used in heavy overload of the distribution network, low voltage at the end of the distribution network, integration of optical storage and charge, and important load protection and power supply and other scenarios.

In the heavy overload of the distribution network, the current rural network, especially such as the urban village load growth faster. If the heavy overload of transformer caused by three-phase unbalance factors is excluded, mobile energy storage device can be added to solve the heavy overload situation of distribution network transformer, which can delay the transformation of transformer.

In terms of end-low voltage, it mainly focuses on the end of rural power grid and urban village distribution network. The main reason is that the line diameter is too thin and the power supply radius is too long, which leads to the low end-voltage of users, and even some users' power is lowered to 160V, which will seriously affect users' daily use.

At present, the integration of optical storage and charge is mainly applied in the areas where distributed photovoltaic (PV) converges into the distribution network and affects the power supply quality, including some distributed PV power generation projects for self-use by enterprises, for example, passive charging stations will be supported by the construction of energy storage stations.

In addition, it is important load protection power supply, such as government, hospital, data center and other important loads, mobile energy storage can play an application advantage. At the same time, distributed mobile energy storage has a good application in parks, such as industrial parks, service areas of highways, such as green towns and areas where green agriculture is promoted.

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