Cascade utilization, battery asset management

Cascade utilization, battery asset management

Improve the power battery life value, reduce the cost of energy storage system

Cascade utilization, battery asset management


Watt "power ladder", industry pioneer


National standard technology

Participated in the first echelon utilization project of the national key Research and Development Plan "Key Technologies for Large-scale Engineering Application of Echelon Utilization of Power Batteries"


Application scenario

Park energy storage, optical storage and charging power station, communication base station, micro grid


Cooperative partner

Beijing Automobile Group
Guangzhou Automobile Group
Hechuang Automobile
China Tower
China Telecom
China Unicom
China Mobile

Typical case

Baic Zhenjiang Electric Vehicle Production base spare parts battery energy storage project

The first power battery energy storage project in China uses spare batteries of electric vehicles and power ladder battery energy storage to realize peak cutting and valley filling and system power backup functions in the park, while exploring a new business model of power storage, charge and replacement.

National key research and development plan project - Scale demonstration project of Cascade utilization of power batteries application of key technologies

The implementation results of the project will improve the availability of decommissioned power battery module restructuring, fill the gap in the core equipment of power battery step utilization industry, support demonstration projects in multiple application scenarios, and promote the realization of large-scale application of power battery step utilization.

Hechuang Automotive power battery energy storage project

The integrated energy storage system of new energy vehicle chassis adopts the whole package utilization method, does not disassemble, and is loaded as a whole. It is easy to install and suitable for application in parks and optical storage and charging stations.

Off-grid energy storage project of Lotus Island decommissioned battery step utilization of China Southern Power Grid

off-grid island power supply, renewable energy utilization, ecological environment protection

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